Kindly be informed that the MCA HQ Election Steering Committee (ESC) will distribute the MCA Divisional, Divisional Youth, and Divisional Wanita List of Delegates on 18th May 2023 (Thursday) to all the MCA/Youth/Wanita State Election Monitoring Committees and Divisions via WhatsApp and email.

Thus, all State Election Monitoring Committees and Divisions are kindly requested to display the list of Divisional Delegates on 19th (Friday) and 20th (Saturday) May 2023 in your respective offices for the inspection of MCA/Youth/Wanita MCA branches. Meanwhile, for the ease convenience, upholding transparency and to ensure that all the Branches can check the list of Division Delegates, the MCA HQ will also upload and display the list in the MCA 2023 Party Election Official Website:

In this regard, the ESC held on 12 May 2023 has decided that any complaints by Branches or Divisions pertaining to the list of Divisional Delegates must be addressed to the ESC in writing not later than 22nd May 2023 (Monday).

In addition, all Divisions are kindly be reminded to issue the notice of meetings on 22nd May 2022. Only the registered address shall be used as the venue of Nomination/ Assembly / Election. No changes to the venues shall be allowed without the prior consent of the ESC.

Thank you.

MCA HQ Election Steering Committee 2023